Taylor King has been in the design industry since 2007. She launched Crown Designs by Taylor King in 2012, working with builders, architects and interior design clients on location and from her Pittsburgh and Charleston bases. 

Taylor attended LaRoche college in Pittsburg and Syracuse University in New York State. "School Interior Design and real interior design are two different things. They don’t teach residential in college, nothing prepares you for it. I always gravitated toward projects that involved personal contact with clients and homeowners, and I tried to make every one of my projects go that way," said Taylor. After working with Group 3 Design and Architecture on Hilton Head Island, she fell in love with construction and was able to create a portfolio that includes all types of consultation from project start to project details. "Planning and groundbreaking to selecting the toilet paper and unlocking the front door, that's what a well balanced Designer can do," said Taylor.

"It's definitely a passion. Many look at Design as fun, and yes it is fun but it’s hard, hard work. The challenge is planning, measuring, establishing relationships with contractors, meeting deadlines, dotting i's and crossing t's every day, and the more complex the project, the harder this becomes."

Recent project locations include St. Martin, Chevy Chase Maryland, Pittsburgh, Sunset Beach North Carolina, Charleston and Hilton Head in South Carolina. "I will travel wherever the job takes me," said King. "My clients travel and so do I."

"A designer has a million hats to wear, from clean up crew to heavy lifter, muse to mind reader. Knowing what moves to make at what time, being willing to step in when the job demands no matter the task, and keeping always true to the needs of the client are the ingredients to a successful project."

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"My husband and I are building our third house in 12 months. Taylor King was the designer, hired by our builder, to help with our first house over a year ago. I won't build another house without her. She is just that good! Professional, organized, experienced, reliable, creative, deliberate, responsive, timely, passionate; everything you would hope and more. Whenever we were unsure of which direction to go Taylor was right there with perfect and well conceived advice. She was our tie-breaker, our idea maker, our trusted partner, in what could have been an overwhelming task. So pleased to have worked with her. It is always delightful and the end result always better than we could have dreamed." - Houzz Review